Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Problem with Guns

There is no problem with guns, there's a problem with people.  The problem with guns is that people are focused on guns and not the real problem, people. If gunsare to blame for heinous crimes, why have no guns been convicted of murder?  Simple, guns are inanimate objects, people are the ones committing heinous crimes.  These criminals and terrorists don't follow laws. They don't care if there are gun laws. If someone is going to commit murder, a crime that has the death penalty/life imprisonment, do you really think gun laws will deter them? Terrorists and insane people who want to hurt people will find a way.  If not guns, explosives, planes, cars, or other means to cause harm.  This is because it's not the weapon that is causing the death, it's the person intent on causing death.  The focus must be on preventing people from carrying out heinous crime, not preventing law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and loved ones from those out to hurt them.

The way to prevent these types of incidents isn't to regulate or ban guns, it's to to identify terrorists and to identify and treat those with mental illness who are a danger to themselves and others before they commit heinous acts. To reiterate, people are the problem, not their weapons of choice. Remember, no guns were involved in the 9-11 attacks.

Let's look at facts:

  • Gun control doesn't work.  None of the worst attacks would have been prevented by any form of gun control and likely it was gun laws which prevented people from being armed defending themselves and others.

  • People misuse the term "assault rifle." There is a specific type of rifle, fully automatic that is called an "assault rifle."  Fully automatic rifles are illegal for most people other than military or police and a few select people to possess.  None of the recent attacks involved fully automatic rifles. Media, either intentionally or because they are ignorant, mistakenly call rifles used in the recent crimes "assault rifles."  "AR' does not stand for 'assault rifle' or 'automatic rifle' it stands for ArmaLite rifle, the company that developed it.

In case you don't know what an assault rifle is and what it isn't, here is an explanation:

Some have included semi-automatic weapons that are capable of switching to automatic in the definition of "assault rifle" but they all have the characteristic of being able to fire automatically.  Guns that are strictly semi-automatic are not "assault rifles."  Some people also confuse "assault rifles" with "Assault Weapons" which is something completely different.

The best way to understand firearms, and I recommend this to anyone prior to commenting on gun control laws, is to go to a range, speak with the range master and fire different types of weapons.  

  • The government must do a better job identifying terrorists and prevent them from carrying out heinous acts. We must prevent terrorists from entering the country by improving vetting people who come into the country.  If you can't vet someone, they shouldn't be allowed to enter the country.  Government, FBI, law enforcement must also do a better job identifying terrorists who are in the country. 

  • It is impossible to prevent all attacks and to prevent terrorists from getting firearms (they get them in countries where firearms are banned).  

  • Terrorism and terrorist attacks are only going to get worse, we must be prepared.  We must be armed and trained to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  •  Most importantly, the government should not make laws that make people incapable of protecting themselves. It is not feasible for police to be everywhere.  What is feasible and what would be the best way to protect ourselves, our families and our children is to be armed and trained.
  • School staff should be properly trained and armed like they do in Israel. We train teachers and staff how to perform first aid/CPR and use an AED to save kids, why not train them to use firearms? This is just another way to protect our precious children.

Israeli Elementary School

  • Firearms are a good defense against terrorism.  People in the nightclub in Orlando were sitting ducks, being murdered while waiting for police with guns to come and save them instead of being armed and saving themselves.

  • For those who say that terrorists and those with mental illness who are dangerous shouldn't be able to get firearms I say, no they shouldn't.  They shouldn't be on the streets where they can buy firearms, or knives or a piece of string.  Identifying them and getting them off the streets is where the focus must be.
Bill Whittle sums it up nicely:

For further information see my post: "Does Research and Statistics Support Gun Control?"

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