Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama and American Jews' movement from Left to Right

There is a lot of talk lately about the Jewish support of Obama and whether there is a shift from left to right among the Jewish people.  Many Jews follow the left, not because it is reasonable, but because that is what they always have done.  The question is raised: “Could Obama be driving Jewish Americans away from the left and toward the right?”  Many leftist delusionally think that the Jewish people will never move right, but they are wrong.  I’ve seen many Jews questioning Obama and his policies and support for him is waning and more Jews are pulling their support from Obama.  Not only is Obama distancing himself from the Jews, he is pushing them away from the left and toward the right.

Obama is Anti-Israel, he wants to crush, squeeze and minimize Israel and repress the Jewish people.  Jewish Americans need to be aware of this.  If he seeks to repress Jews in Israel, what are his plans for the Jews in America?  Obama is in support of Palestine and choking Israel into the “1967 borders”.  Obama ignores the historical facts about the history of the Israel borders and the development of Palestine as though historical fact doesn’t matter.  In 1967 there was no state of Palestine so Israel did not “capture” the West Bank from Palestine.  UN security council resolution 242 called for a negotiation to leave Israel with secure and recognized boundaries with Jordan who was illegally occupying the territory at that time.  There was no previous legal sovereign in the area. 1  The only reason for Obama to support  giving the area to the Palestinians would be to reduce the size of Israel, decrease security of Israel’s borders and diminish Israel’s ability to defend the area making them vulnerable to attack. The conservative right has been nothing but supportive of Israel and the Jewish People with Mitt Romney in a comment about Obama about Israel "Obama treating Israel with suspicion, distrust... He seems firmly and clearly determined to undermine our longtime friend and ally" 2  and Michele Bachman having been a long time staunch supporter of Israel "I always had this love and appreciation for Israel" 3

Leftists, led by Obama have enabled anti-Semitic acts here in the Untied States such as the proposed ban on circumcision in San Francisco.  Dennis Prager states “One might add that the same people (leftists) who are profoundly upset over the removal of foreskin rarely have a problem with the removal of a living human fetus.” 4 The left has supports abortion but wants to enact a law to make circumcision, which is commanded in the Torah to circumcise: Leviticus 12:3: “on the eighth day his foreskin shall be circumcised,” illegal.  This ban, proposed by the left, seems directed specifically towards the Jewish community and is anti-Semitic.  

During the Passover Seder there is the telling of the four sons.  The whole point of the Seder is to listen and learn.  Let’s learn something from the four sons.  The wise son asks questions, is interested in learning, looks for details and is not satisfied with the simple answer and formulates his own ideas.  The Wicked Son does not question is self absorbed, distances himself and ridicules those who question and learn.  The Simple Son is interested and asks the question and listens to the answers but does not formulate his own ideas.  The Son Who Doesn’t Know How to Ask is simply that, doesn’t question and is disinterested.

Obama is “wickedly simple,” he is self absorbed, distances himself from those who present reasonable ideas and ridicules them and also does not formulate his own ideas, while the “wise” Republican conservative right questions and learns and presents fair, rational and practical proposals.  He is a bully who makes threats to the elderly and disabled to intimidate them into supporting his views.  Obama has no plan to reduce the debt; he is looking to others for answers but ridicules anyone who comes up with a plan that doesn’t suit his need to spend.

Obama's idea to increase taxes to the rich "jet owners" and give special considerations to others goes against the Torah: Leviticus 19:15 "Do not pervert justice.  Do not give special consideration to the poor nor show respect to the great.   Judge your people fairly."  Deuteronomy 16:19: "Do not bend justice and do not give special consideration to anyone."  Obama does not treat people fairly.  You can’t increase taxes on the rich, to target one group of people is unfair and it goes against the Torah.  In addition, the amount gain would be insubstantial to make a dent in the debt.  His ideas are insupportable. It doesn’t make sense to keep spending money you don’t have and to add to the debt by borrowing more with no way to pay back what we already owe and does not support what is taught in the Torah.  Leviticus 19:13 "Do not withhold that which is due your neighbor."  Obama can’t keep raising taxes, this will diminish the ability of businesses to grow and will increase unemployment.  The fix is to decrease spending, decrease taxes, thereby improving the status of businesses and thus creating jobs which expand the tax base which in turn makes people more self-reliant and decreases Government spending to support them. This supports what is taught in the Torah. 

Obama is driving the country to ruin and like the wicked son, blames it on everyone but himself.  If it is broke, it doesn’t matter how it got broke, fix it.  He rejects any plan that would set us on the right path and it is excruciating to watch.  The American people, Jews included, cannot follow Obama like cattle down the path to the slaughterhouse.  America needs to get off the path to financial decimation and immorality and break away from the herd toward the logical and sensible field of financial soundness and moral high (right) ground that supports Israel, the Jews and the teachings of the Torah.

Obama and his supporters have been playing mind games, getting Jewish supporters to campaign in his favor.  They play on Jews deep sense of tradition to keep them voting left, while ignoring Obama’s anti-Israel/anti-Jewish/anti-Torah views and policies.  Liberal Jewish Americans need to question this, to see through his games and realize he is trying to manipulate them.  They need to investigate and discover the truth that the Torah does not support the liberal left but instead is exemplified by the conservative right or at least moderately conservative right of center.  They may need to be pushed a little and Obama may just be the man to set this move in motion. 

Addition: 8/28/11:
More Proof: "Top Jewish Donor Dumps Obama After Siding With Hamas-Fatah Allance:http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/05/top-jewish-donor-dumps-obama-after-siding-with-hamas-fatah-alliance/?utm_source=co2hog

1 Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon, deputy minister of foreign affairs of the State of Israel, explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict in the video “Truth About the West Bank” http://youtu.be/XGYxLWUKwWo . www.dannyayalon.com
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